Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thai equivalent of Montezuma's Revenge

Stuck in a Bangkok hotel (thank god for air conditioning, it's going to be 34 degrees out there today!!) with the Asian equivalent of Montezuma's Revenge. After mountains of motillium and replacement salts (thanks Alice!) after four days of this now I am still feeling kind of rotten, dizzy, low-energy and the dreaded liquid evacuations are still in full force. I can't deal with the heat feelilng like this so I'll have to stay cocooned in this air-conditioned hotel until it's better. Hopefully all will be well by Monday for my flight to Cambodia (Siem Reap). Hopefully before then as I have software and other orders to fulfil before leaving Bangkok...

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Terry's Bazaar said...

Now just was in the equivalent term? On Imgur someone mentioned dysentery is
known as Mumbai Mudbutt and elsewhere as Kaka Krishna. I've read our term for
it when serving in Southeast Asia but can't recall. My wife and I have lived
in Thailand since 2008, but "thank the Random Quanta" relatively mild food
poisoning every year or so.

Terry W. Colvin
( a few miles south of Hua Hin, Thailand )